Österberg, Tübingen, 21.02.2016

Views mainly from Österberg hill in Tübingen
Österberg Tower  Originally built as the Kaiser Wilhelm Tower in 1891 on Österberg hill to the east of Tübingen's old centre. From 1963 to the advent of DVB television it was used as a TV transmission tower. DSCF0716  View towards Tübingen Castle DSCF0722  View towards the Swabian hills DSCF0728  View down the hill
DSCF0731  View towards the Swabian hills DSCF0737 1  An elegant old house with a French touch on the Österberg (Tübingen was part of the French occupation zone), sadly now derelict. DSCF0740 1  There are a lot of impressive villas on the Österberg. This one is reminiscent of Schloss Solitude castle in Stuttgart. DSCF0743  Schottland student fraternity house.
DSCF0748  Schottland student fraternity house. You can tell it's a student residence - they order their beer by the barrel... DSCF0756  Distinctive tree "Gebäude auf dem Sand"  Originally built between 1935 and 1940 as a military hospital, it is now used by Tübingen University. DSCF0781  View down the hill - this time with kite
DSCF0792  Unsurprisingly, this is a popular spot for flying kites DSCF0799 1  The view up (most of) the hill...