The Saarschleife river bend, 30.10.2016

Pictures taken over a couple of days at the end of October 2016
Saarschleife The ferry that didn't run the day we needed it Somewhere there in the distance was our hotel Glimpse of the Saar through the trees
Saarschleife in the evening sun Saarschleife at sunset The observation point high above the Saarschleife and a passing cargo barge The observation platform and the new tower as part of the high-level walkway above the Saarschleife
The observation platform A glimpse of the Saar through the trees Another glimpse of the Saar Sulphurous rock along the banks of the Saar
Autumn mood Autumn colours in the sunshine Autumn colours A ticket? No, just a leaf
Reflections Autumn colours Burg Montclair between Mettlach and Orscholz Autumn sun through the trees
A gap in the trees Sunrise over the Saarschleife Sun risen over the Saarschleife The sun is up - and we are not alone...